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About MSNA

Our core purpose is to provide healthy meals and promote nutrition education to Maine’s school children. We have a vision of the future where MSNA is the primary source of child nutrition information and where every school is represented and supported by a high level of leadership. Our big, audacious goal is for Maine to be the first state to provide universal feeding for all school-offered meals (breakfast and lunch).

But We Need Your Help!

  • Do you love spending time with people who do what you do?
  • Are you certified with SNA?
  • Do you enjoy the courses and workshops MSNA has offered you?
  • Would you like to see our association continue for new members coming in?
  • Would you like to play a part in the success of our awesome association?
Consider becoming a part of our association board. There are many committees and jobs where you can share your skills and expertise to make us the best association ever!


You can strengthen Child Nutrition by becoming an MSNA & SNA Member


  • Information and knowledge through SNA’s award-winning magazine and state of the art website, offering resources,tools and updated information on all the latest.
  • Issues affecting the school nutrition industry.
  • Education and training through a variety of professional development programs, academic assistance and coursework online through Child Nutrition, including a Certification/Credentialing Program.
  • Advocacy through SNA’s & MSNA’s leadership as primary national/state advocate for child nutrition in D.C and Augusta.
  • Networking opportunities through SNA & MSNA conferences and seminars, along with Chapter meetings, which are excellentforums to interact with other child.
  • Nutrition professionals.
  • Grants and scholarships through SNA’s Child Nutrition Foundation.
  • Research findings through SNA’s reports on the latest trends and issues influencing school nutrition programs, which enable members to plan for the future.
  • Public awareness through promotion of programs such as National School Lunch Week and National School Breakfast Week.
  • Collaborative partnerships through working with allied organizations and industry partners to bring the message of school nutrition to millions of Americans.
  • Discounts on SNA & MSNA Emporium products, conference registrations, insurance plans and more.

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