MSNA Mind Bites

MSNA Mind Bite- Farm to School; Local Foods Movement

Good Afternoon,

Please join us for the next MSNA Mind Bite on March 31st from 2-3:30pm, featuring Farm to School Maine Institute and how to incorporate more local foods into your meal service program.

As some may be aware, there is currently a bill being proposed into legislation: An Act to encourage the purchase of more local foods for public schools. If this proposed bill becomes law, there will be additional funding available for public schools to purchase more local foods.
This Mind Bite is the perfect presentation to help SFA’s understand the process of buying local, how to do it and where to start.

This informative webinar will include input and insight from the following stakeholders:
Farm to School Maine Institute, presented by Martha Poliquin of Falmouth Schools
Harvest of the Month, Sea to School and Local Produce Fund- DOE’s Robin Kerber
Maine Farm to School Network Coordinator- Stephanie Cesario
Recipe and cooking techniques utilizing local fish from RSU 12 Mike Flynn
RSU 3 Tina Fabian and RSU 22 Kathy Kittridge will both discuss the use of local foods within their programs.

As you can see this will be a very informative, packed presentation that you won’t want to miss!

Date: 03/31/21

Time: 2PM – 3:30PM

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