Plan of Action: 2016 - 2017

  1. Professional Development Goal



  1. Increase awareness of resources and opportunities through MSNA to enable members to meet professional standards.



  1. Utilize social media as a platform to increase and promote current and future programs and initiatives.
  2. Collaborate with DOE to promote MSNA at state sponsored Child Nutrition meeting and trainings.
  3. Align trainings with Professional Standards.
  4. Promote outside resources such as SNA, USDA, and the Institute of Child Nutrition.


            Responsibility:   Education Committee


2.      Advocacy and Public Image



  1.  Increase the recognition of school nutrition programs as integral in the education process.




  1. Utilize allied agencies to increase and promote public awareness on health and nutrition topics.
  2. Contact local, state and national officials to share MSNA positions and to gain support, as well as to educate them on the successes and challenges of school nutrition programs.
  3. Provide access to toolkits, links and public relations materials.
  4. Provide information to members and the public on state and national issues.   

  Responsibility: Communications Committee

Legislative Committee

Education committee


3. Community



  1. Remove barriers to participation on SNA activities by anyone interested in school nutrition.



  1. Reach out to every director or key stakeholder in every district in Maine.
  2. Support new directors through mentoring
  3. Provide information on and promote District Memberships.
  4. Promote and educate people on the value of Membership with Maine School Nutrition Association.


            Responsibility: Membership Committee

                                                Industry Committee


4.         Infrastructure



  1. Increase funding.
  2. Increase recruitment and development of future SNA leaders.



  1. Chapter Style Meeting – Lunch & Learn (1 meeting at least)– Regional Meetings
  2. Look at different revenue opportunities – move money to different accounts.


            Responsibility: Treasurer

Communications Committee                                               


 2016-2017 Plan of Action – Jeanne Reilly

Developed at National Leadership Conference April 2016

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